We had a number of high-quality entries into the competition and we’re delighted to announce that the winners are: Davina Tijani, Iqbal Hussain, Rebecca Burnton, Chris Simpson, Elliot Sweeney and Sophia Danes

Curtis Brown Creative Course Commences

I was chuffed to bits to learn that I’d been sponsored to attended the 3-month Novel Writing Course run by Curtis Brown Creative, and which began earlier in the year. It is taught by Charlotte Mendelson, and takes place at their illustrious Haymarket office.  For me,...



‘DAMAGE’ by Josephine Hart, 1991.

‘DAMAGE’ by Josephine Hart, 1991 So this is a bit of a departure from the usual crime fiction I tend to pick, but as I read it I realised it has many hallmarks of old-fashioned noir – sexual obsession, a feeling of dream-like displacement, and a prevailing sense of...


I was born and raised in North London. After leaving school, I bummed about for a while, playing in bands, working in pubs and clubs, following my questionable instincts and surviving relatively unscathed. I moved down to Brighton to study Psychology at the turn of the millennium and remember very little of it. After that, I journeyed back to the capital and spent the rest of my twenties in something of a haze.

All through that period though, I remained a voracious reader. I’d loved books since I was a kid, and remember my Dad once asking me the sensible question of what I wanted to be when I grew up: I told him a writer, of course. Crime in all its guises was my genre of choice, and my heroes were the likes of Robert B. Parker, Stephen King and Derek Raymond. But my conviction to write faded as other predilections took over, and it was only on the dawn of my thirtieth that the ambition reignited.

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