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‘DAMAGE’ by Josephine Hart, 1991.

‘DAMAGE’ by Josephine Hart, 1991 So this is a bit of a departure from the usual crime fiction I tend to pick, but as I read it I realised it has many hallmarks of old-fashioned noir – sexual obsession, a feeling of dream-like displacement, and a prevailing sense of...

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THE GODWULF MANUSCRIPT by Robert B. Parker (1973)

‘`The Golwulf Manuscript’ is the first in Robert B. Parker’s much-lauded and immensely popular Spenser series. Written in 1973 when Parker was still teaching literature for a day job, it introduces the world to his wise-cracking hard-as-nails sleuth Spenser (spelled with an ‘S’, like the English poet).

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‘DOG EAT DOG’ by Edward Bunker (1997)

For those who don’t know of Edward Bunker, he was, alongside Chester Himes, perhaps the quintessential example of how the school of hard-knocks can produce some of the finest examples of convincing noir writing in the genre.

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