I was chuffed to bits to learn that I’d been sponsored to attended the 3-month Novel Writing Course run by Curtis Brown Creative, and which began earlier in the year.

It is taught by Charlotte Mendelson, and takes place at their illustrious Haymarket office.  For me, CBC were always the best training provider – they not only provide first-rate teaching, but also have so many industry contacts.

The format is, each Wednesday, Charlotte takes a session, which is split into two sections – section one looks at an area of writing, section two workshops student’s work.

My opening from ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ was critiqued in week 2, and was nerve-wracking but so helpful – I’ve basically come away from it and figured out what my story is about. Helpful, yes?


They were even kind enough to write a short piece about me. Yikes.

Meet Elliot Sweeney, our latest HW Fisher Scholarship winner



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