Elliot F. Sweeney

Author’s Bio

I’m a Londoner born and bred, but these days divide my time between the capital and my adopted home in Lancashire, where there’s a bit more space to write. By day I’m a community psychiatric nurse specialising in adolescent mental health and post-traumatic stress. Through fiction, my aim is to fuse my professional interests with a love of fast-paced crime writing.

Bookwise, I invariably turn to the purveyors of the noir tradition, both old and current. I also keep my finger on the pulse of those exploring mental health and wellbeing through original narrative voices.

You can read reviews about books I liked here.

In 2018 I was granted the Fisher Scholarship to attend Curtis Brown Creative’s renowned novel writing course. More recently, I received a London Writers Award from Spread the Word.

I’ve seen stories, novelettes and pieces of journalism in print. Recent publications can be seen in Switchblade issue 12 and issue 13, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, and Spread the Word Writers at Home.

My debut novel is entitled THE NEXT TO DIE, and is the first in an intended series, narrated by misanthropic ex-copper turned P.I. Dylan Kasper. Further details and an extract from the book can be read here.

For any rights or publication enquiries, please contact Gordon Wise of Curtis Brown Literary Agency.

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