So I had some great news – one of the most established crime fiction mags has bought ‘MRS WHITE HART’, a novelette I wrote a little while back.

It’s lead to my first decent pay cheque and has spurred me onto bigger things.

Here’s the email I received from them in late 2019:

Dear Elliot F. Sweeney,

Thanks for letting me see “Mrs White Hart.” I like the story very much and would like to buy it for the magazine.  Our contracts manager should be able to email you a contract in about a month. 

I have one small editing suggestion.  About page 35 or 35 you have this line:  I figured him to be autistic or something, one of those odd-balls whose obsessions darken as they grow older and stranger.

I wonder if we could strike “I figured him to be autistic or something,”.  So the sentence would read:  “One of those odd-balls . . . “

Let me know what you think.  

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