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A young man has been murdered on the notorious Paradise estate in London. The police have their assumptions; out-of-work private investigator Dylan Kasper, more than familiar with the neighbourhood, has his own. He soon discovers the reason the boy was killed that the police will never find – or want to find. A highly incriminating piece of evidence tying an illegal production company to the government and police alike.

But this is just the beginning. Kasper has made a name for himself getting under the skin of the most brutal killers in the capital. When those dearest to Kasper are suddenly thrust into view, he will have to make an impossible choice. Will the inhabitants of Paradise feel safe at last, if the price must be paid in blood?

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The impetus for THE NEXT TO DIE, the first Dylan Kasper outing, came from a real-life incident in which a young man I worked with put himself under a tube train and died. Afterwards, I felt driven to explore suicide as a central plot theme. In particular, I wanted to show how the reasons behind completed suicides are multifarious. For some, they may come from a trauma or in response to a particular life event; but for others, the reasons may be impulsive, a kneejerk thought, or just a plain mystery. Whatever, for those who survive, the ripple effects are messy, grievous and lasting…

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